1. Trained, licensed, and fully insured investigators operating throughout Southern Ontario

  1. Surveillance and apprehension of shop thieves in your store

  1. Investigators handle all aspects of the case, including surveillance, apprehension, police involvement and court

  1. We can arrange civil recovery on your behalf

  1. "24 – 7" on-call Supervisors

  1. We have developed controls and follow-up regularly to ensure you are satisfied with our service

  1. Flexible shifts available, scheduling to meet your needs, no long term commitment required


Cancom Security Inc. recruits and develops its own loss prevention program under the experience and supervision of Security professionals who specialize in Loss Prevention.  This group of specialists recruit and train in house staff on a on going basis. 

The result is a team of specialist who get the job done and the results speak for themselves.   Our speciality in Loss prevention is unmatched from start to finish.  We guarantee our work and back it up with a 100% percent Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Loss due to shrinkage versus the investment into our services out weigh the cost.  The benefit of our services will surpass your expectations.  From the point of contact, detention, information gathering, criminal prosecution, civil prosecution and education will be outstanding in demonstrating a bona fide practice that will be professional and represent your organization well.

Shrinkage affects your organization, employees and customers, it is our job to minimize your loses, deter and educate everyone and have an impact on those involved in shrinkage.