Cancom Security Inc. provides high quality investigative services, using the latest technology.  We employe investigators with a unparalleled work ethic, ensuring our clients professional and detailed results. We are a multi-faceted team of private investigors, providing a wide range of services to insurance companies, legal firms, municipalities and corporations; acting pro-actively to provide evidence to avoid costly litigation.

Cancom Security Inc. and our diverse network of professionals with extensive experience in all sectors of the investigation industry, obtain information and evidence in an accurate, timely and cost effective manner. This allows our clients to actively manage their files.


In order to combat the increase in suspicious Insurance Disability or W.S.I.B. claims, it is necessary to scrutinize those who might use fraudulent means to further their social and monetary gains.  Cancom Security provides factual, unbiased evidence, which allows our clients to make informed decisions. Cancom Security supply written reports, specifically tailored for future mediation, arbitration or trial. Our reports discreetly record an individual's day-to-day activities using both 35 mm and video documentation


It is estimated that Canadian corporations lose more than $20 billion per annum because of theft, embezzlement, absenteeism due to substance abuse, and other dishonest or criminal activities among employees.The sheer size of many plants and facilities makes theft, substance abuse and other illegal activities very difficult to detect. Cancom Security’s trained undercover operatives provide a highly effective tool for corporations and legal professionals in exposing problems with employees.