Armed Guard Services

Situations That Call for Armed Response

There are numerous situations that might require armed security officers to respond. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to deliver them for applications such as:

Alarm Response

Responding to a tripped alarm system means there is potential for a dangerous confrontation. Our personnel are ready for anything, and can de-escalate the situation without the use of force if warranted.

Executive Protection

High-profile individuals often are targets for kidnapping or other serious offenses. With armed personal security provided by us, these people can go about their business in public with confidence.

Foot Patrol

An armed patrol on foot can be a highly effective deterrent against theft, vandalism, assault and other crimes. We can provide officers who will walk around your property and send a clear message.

Mobile Patrol

Larger areas need patrols that can cover more ground and be on the scene as quickly as possible. Our vehicular patrol services include armed options when deemed necessary.

VIP/Celebrity Protection

The sight of armed protection can keep celebrities and other VIPs safe when they make public appearances. You can count on us to deliver total security.

Where Armed Guards Are Needed Most

The potential for significant threats to life, limb and property exist almost everywhere, but there are certain environments in which having guards skilled in the use of weapons can be especially important. These include:

Community and Corporate Events

Large crowds of any type can be a magnet for those who would do harm. The sight of personnel bearing sidearms can do a lot to dissuade them from acting.

Construction Sites

In the off-hours, having valuable equipment and materials relatively exposed in a remote spot can invite trouble. However, our professionals can be there to keep a watchful eye on them.

Educational Facilities

Providing a safe place for students to learn is of the highest priority. We can contribute to creating campuses and buildings where all feel comfortable and secure.

Government Facilities

Trust our experience to protect the public, government employees and sensitive information. Our representatives are ready to react when seconds matter.

Heath Care Facilities

Sick and vulnerable people and those who care for them deserve extra protection. We can provide it for them.

Industrial Complexes

Protecting valuable machinery and potentially hazardous materials calls for guards who are ready to do what is necessary. Our personnel are trained to know what to do in every circumstance.

Malls and Other Retail Venues

Having armed professionals on the scene can deter anyone thinking of stealing. It also helps prevent vandalism and assault in parking lots.

Multifamily Apartment/Townhome/Condo Complexes

Residents deserve to feel safe and secure while at home. Our services can ensure that they do.

Office Towers

Keep unwanted elements away from your commercial properties. An armed response is the ultimate deterrent.

Oil, Gas and Mining Sites

The precious resources and expensive equipment in these often-remote locations should be kept safe at all times. We have the expertise to do so.

Sports Events

Crowds at sporting events should be able to keep their eyes on the field, not looking over their shoulders. We provide them with peace of mind.


Help ensure bad actors can’t interrupt vital services by having our people on the scene. We have experience in guarding these highly sensitive locations and assets.

Why Choose Cancom Security?

We work hard to make sure our professional guards have the training and know-how they need to provide the most appropriate level of response for the situation. Not only does this mean they know how and when to use their firearms, but also how to de-escalate an incident before force becomes necessary. When choosing us, you also can expect we will bring:


We emphasize training and education for all our employees.


You can be sure we will deliver every service with integrity and courtesy.


We strive to work with honesty and transparency.

First Nations Heritage

We are proud to be a First Nations-owned company serving throughout Canada.

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