Security is as essential as food and water. However, misconceptions force people to live without it. Particularly for businesses and events, neglected security has disproportionately devastating results. These consequences make armed security companies in Ontario, Canada crucial. Luckily, at Cancom Security, we have over 50 years of collective security and law enforcement experience. Unlike competitors, we’re community leaders and take pride in protecting our community, and we train our personnel to surpass the industry standard.

Here are 3 misconceptions about armed security companies

Hiring armed security guards is expensive.

A myth surrounding armed security companies in Ottawa, Canada is they are expensive to deploy.

Many people think it’s an exorbitant investment. However, hiring armed security guards doesn’t have to be. It’s critical to weigh the cost against the benefits. In many instances, it can even result in increased profits.

Preventing theft, deterring crime, and providing a higher overall level of security can attract more business, which means your security will pay for itself. Moreover, many security companies offer budget solutions to accommodate all situations.

Ultimately, hiring a guard is far cheaper than dealing with thefts, break-ins, damage, or worse. Having security guards deployed is essential for the safety of your business and your customers, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Luckily, premier security companies like Cancom Security offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique situation and budget.

Armed security guards don’t do anything.

Many people mistakenly think guards deployed by armed security companies in Canada don’t do anything. However, guards do several things even when there isn’t an immediate threat.

Firstly, the simple presence of a guard significantly deters potential wrongdoers. Ultimately, deterring crime is one of the biggest benefits of hiring armed security. When a crime isn’t occurring, the presence of armed security guards is often the reason.

Security guards are also the first line of defense before police arrive. In the event of an incident, they’ll be there to manage situations until police can take over. Their extensive training makes this critical help. Lastly, during shifts, security guards stay vigilant.

Armed guards train to evaluate situations and assess threats. Overall, security guards receive extensive training to acquire their licenses. These standards and skills perfectly equip them to react and assess situations to curb disaster or wrongdoing.

At Cancom Security, our guards receive training that surpasses municipal standards, and many of our team are former law enforcement, which gives them and you an advantage over wrongdoers.

Armed security guards don’t have people skills.

Another misconception surrounding guards deployed by armed security companies in Toronto, Canada is they have poor people skills.

People wrongfully assume security guards are supposed to be intimidating, imposing characters who interact scarcely, if at all, with the public. However, premier security companies consider themselves vital community members and protectors.

Guards often feel a duty to the people they’re protecting. As a result, they’re always kind and polite. Moreover, quality security guards are expected to answer questions when possible. Training at premier security companies emphasizes communication with the public.

Positive interactions with the public are critical to being an effective armed guard. Stellar customer service and the ability to communicate are prerequisites for the job.

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