3 reasons why you need traffic control services near Toronto

Traffic in Toronto is crazy. A study has shown that commuters in Toronto spend an average of 96 minutes in their car each day, which makes for the worst commute in North America and the sixth-worst in the entire world. If that wasn’t bad enough, add any kind of special event or emergency situation then traffic will get increasingly worse. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Keep things moving smoothly with traffic control services in the Toronto area.

You can prepare for the worst and keep the traffic situation under control with a company like Cancom Security Inc. If you’re not sure what kinds of traffic situations require our traffic services, keep reading for three reasons why you might need us.

Emergency response

When there’s an emergency, traffic needs to be rerouted to give work crews a chance to take care of it. Things like water main breaks, snow and ice storms, and flooding can take out an entire city block. Cancom can provide traffic control services to make sure that traffic is safely routed around the area of the emergency.

Utility issues can also cause problems on surface streets in the city. Gas leaks, power outages, and other issues can create traffic issues. A professional traffic control expert can make sure traffic continues to flow through the area in a timely and organized manner.

Special events

Special events like sporting events, parades, and street festivals create a mass of cars all in one place. Sporting events and special events at arenas are particularly notorious for creating traffic nightmares. Thousands of cars all heading in the same direction can quickly lead to road rage as people growing increasingly impatient with those around them. Our traffic control experts will help establish order and ensure that everybody gets back on the road in a timely manner.

Other special events like parades, street festivals, and races that require an area of the road to be closed off can get tricky. Traffic enforcement services can help to close off roadways and keep cars flowing away from the area of the event.

Rolling slowdowns

Sometimes there’s an emergency on a highway that doesn’t necessarily require a complete stoppage of traffic. You can keep traffic moving while emergency crews perform a fast clean up. A rolling slowdown, also called a moving rolling roadblock, can also be an effective method of slowing traffic as it approaches an area where work is being done on a bridge or overhead utility work. This makes for a safer environment for work crews and drivers.

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Plan ahead for the next time you need traffic control services in your area. Get a quote from Cancom Security Inc. and we’ll be there when you need us. Whether you’re planning ahead for a special event or want to make sure that you’re prepared for emergency response, Cancom is ready to serve. We provide traffic control across Ontario, so use the number local to you or call toll free at 877-847-9910. Give our team a call or send us a message using our online contact form.