4 Extraordinary Things K9s Can Do

K9 detection services in Toronto showcase some of the most incredible things dogs can do. Dogs bring us comfort, joy, and most importantly, safety. Cancom Security relies on the assistance of our invaluable animals to maintain a level of security and strength against danger. Many are unfamiliar with the awe-inspiring capabilities of dogs, and the dynamic services they can offer us. Below we break some of these down.

Drug detection.

Everyone knows dogs are controlled by their noses, but when they apply that talent to a purpose, they are unstoppable. K9s are excellent at detecting drugs in situations where human eyes, hands, and technology are insufficient. Scent can be a powerful ally, and bring concealed goods into the limelight through thorough training. Most drug-sniffing dogs are trained by a reward system. Dogs are unaware they’re trying to detect drugs, all they know is that once they identify a certain scent and call attention to it, they will be rewarded. K9s have about two thousand times stronger scent than humans do, and their noses are about fifty times more sensitive. Imagine all of the scents that your dog experiences per day!

Landmine detection.

Most people do not face the threat of a landmine detonating in their backyard, but in hostile situations, this does pose a threat. Landmines are buried underground where people are unaware of their presence. Dogs possess an incredible talent for recognizing the odor of explosives. Training teaches K9s how to discern between different scents and they are rewarded for identifying the dangerous ones that save lives. K9s have detected landmines and saved lives in an ample amount of situations. For law enforcement professionals, this skill has proved to open the door to restoring order and peace in our domestic communities.

Explosive detection.

Similar to landmine detection, K9s have the ability to sniff out dangerous explosives. By associating the scent of molecules and chemicals used to create a vigilant explosive, dogs are able to make quick work of any suspicious plot. This has proven to be one of the most effective ways to deter and detect bombs.


Dogs have an incredible and seemingly endless stream of talents. In this case, they’re not defending us against any human offenses, but weevils! Weevils are beetles that can destroy a farmer’s crop if they multiply. K9s can actually sniff out these tiny insects and warn a farmer if they are beginning to reproduce and congregate in their fields. While K9s save lives, they also save livelihoods!

Cancom Security has served Toronto for over 25 years. We are internationally known as the leader in the dog detection industry. Our team prides itself on saving lives, restoring order, and helping maintain a level of civility in the world. Cancom’s full range of services includes drug, explosive, and landmine detection. We also offer agriculture dogs and bed bug inspections. Interested in our services? Please feel free to reach and learn more about us.