4 Things to Consider When Choosing Security Guard Companies in Toronto

After realizing that security guards are essential for making sure their property and possessions are safe, a lot of people in Toronto run into problems identifying which company is best suited to help them.

If you’re finding yourself in that position, you probably understand that it will be difficult to regain your peace of mind unless you’re completely certain you’ve made the right pick.

Having provided security solutions to the greater Ontario for over 50 years, we can share the most important details you’ll need to consider.

Here they are.

1. Training provided to employees

When choosing between security guard companies in Toronto, there’s nothing as crucial as making sure the security guards are trained properly.

This is always a top priority for CanCom. Each of our employees is trained in following provincial and municipal standards. We also make sure to provide ongoing training and carefully evaluate our personnel’s skills.

The ongoing training is a particularly critical point for you to consider. Threats to people and property always evolve. You need to make sure the security company you choose can provide personnel with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.

2. Expertise to handle specialized security needs

While a diversely capable and integrated security firm like CanCom can provide security guards for varied settings, this is still something you have to double-check for each company you consider.

Guarding educational institutions or providing VIP protection differs from securing health care facilities or residential properties, for example. And a security company without the appropriate expertise won’t be able to detect and respond to your unique vulnerabilities.

Make sure to ask about previous clients each company has served, specifically those you think might have similar security needs to yours. And, to really make sure the company understands how to protect you and your assets effectively, prod further to see how they’re prepared to adapt their approach to your individual needs.

3. The equipment they use

Today, bad faith actors are leveraging technology to become more effective at breaching your security. The company you choose to protect you and your possessions needs to be better equipped.

Ask about the equipment they use and how often they update it.

And, just to make sure you’re not being misled with an irrelevant list, ask how each piece of equipment actively contributes to your security.

Some of the devices a properly equipped security company uses are helpful for making things easier for you in case of legal disputes.

Body cameras, for instance, are useful for maintaining a real-time record of any incidents that may occur.

Other technological capabilities, such as GPS tracking and loss prevention, make it much likelier that the security team will be able to maintain surveillance on you and your assets. And, if anything should happen, such capabilities make for quick, effective intervention.

4. Certifications and licenses

Lastly, ensure that the security company you decide to work with has the required certifications and licenses.

Depending on the level of protection you need, you may require security guards who are trained as by-law Enforcement and municipal enforcement officers.

Receive protection from the very best among security guard companies in Toronto

After applying those four critical comparison points to the various security guard companies in Toronto, you’ll find that we’re the best option to ensure your personal safety and the security of your property. We’re a First Nations security company with the expertise, specialized skills, and top-level equipment to help you with all your safety needs.

Call us today at 1-877-847-9910 or leave us a message here telling us how you’d like us to help.