Cancom Security – All You Need to Know

We all possess an inherent need to feel safe – to know that we are being watched over by people who care for our safety and welfare.

At Cancom Security, we are fully committed to fulfilling your safety needs and surpassing your expectations. Our experienced and trained security personnel undergo rigorous training. This way, they are certified to have surpassed industry standards when it comes to providing topnotch security services.

Cancom Security staff have the knowledge, training, experience, and tools that equip them to provide top-level security services. These not only add an essential layer of security for our clients but also give them the peace of mind they sometimes desperately need.

One with our community

What distinguishes Cancom Security from other service providers is that we are leaders in our community. We’re not strangers patrolling neighborhoods that don’t know us.

We are one with our community. We initiate community-based security programs in coordination with community-based policing. We’re not only concerned with keeping our clients safe but are also genuinely committed to providing safety and security in our own neighborhoods.

Comprehensive, tailored services

At Cancom Security, every client gets the highest level of security adapted to meet the challenges and opportunities posed in each client’s environment.

Each environment is unique, so what we do is conduct a thorough evaluation of the vicinity to clearly identify and outline specific procedures to be followed and needs to be met. An evaluation of key areas involving each client includes the tenant’s level of public relations, tenant type, areas of high sensitivity, and traffic flow within or on the property.

Once done with the evaluation, we then work on determining the necessary level of security, as well as the service required. The assessment also helps us calculate the number of personnel needed to be able to provide our client the most effective and cost-efficient security services possible.

Our services include:

  • Security guard services
  • Parking enforcement / by law enforcement
  • VIP close protection
  • Mobile security services
  • K9 detection services
  • Private investigations / intelligence
  • Loss prevention
  • Security systems
  • First nations security
  • Cottage patrol and protective services
  • Residential security services
  • Parking enforcement signs
  • Traffic control

The key to our success is our integrated solutions, which have helped us build strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

For example, for building security, our integrated solution includes security guards, parking enforcement, and system security. All of these services complement each other to help our clients reduce costs, and are tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs.

Confidentiality guaranteed

At Cancom Security, commitment to providing services that ensure your safety and security is our No. 1 priority. We know that you depend on us for your safety as well as for the protection of your property and most valuable assets.

Moreover, we assure you of our utmost confidentiality and professionalism at all times. You can count on us to give you regular reports and to always be open to your questions, comments, and input.

So if you require topnotch security services in Toronto, be sure to contact us at Cancom Security.