Does Your Business Need K9 Security?

Now more than ever, companies in Ottowa and Toronto need to ensure their buildings and assets are protected.

And many business owners want new and inventive ways to maintain security.

While alarms and cameras help alert you to potential security breaches, they cannot respond in real-time to the issue at hand. That’s why K9 security units can be a helpful addition to any business.

Business owners should consider adding K9 security units to help protect their assets and de-escalate tense situations. They can react quickly to a potentially dangerous situation and help protect those involved. They also provide a strong visual presence to discourage intruders.

Not sure if you need K9 security? Here’s everything you need to know about K9 security and why you should consider using Cancom services for your security needs.

K9 Security helps defuse situations without the use of force.

Despite what you may see in the movies, K9 security rarely needs to bite or attack anyone. Usually, the presence of a K9 unit adds a visible layer of security that deters provocation. If necessary, dogs can effectively subdue people that are a threat to themselves or others. However, these situations are rare and typically do not require that kind of intervention.

Healthcare workers experience more violent situations than any other job outside of law enforcement.

Healthcare workers deal with volatile situations more often than we realize. They may need to put their safety on the line when they treat an unstable patient. But having a K9 security team in your hospital ensures every healthcare worker has support. They will know they have the protection they need to handle patients with a sense of safety.

K9 Security dogs have extensive training in various patrolling duties.

Most people think of K9 security as trained dogs that sniff out bombs or drugs. They may even think of police dogs that attack perpetrators on command. However, these dogs receive extensive training in various other areas of patrolling and security duties. From preventing theft in department stores to sniffing out hazardous materials in large factories, these dogs have a number of applicable skills for any situation.

A K9 Unit can cover ground quickly.

If you’ve ever witnessed a dog at full sprint, you know that dogs move incredibly quickly. Dog’s innate speed and internal drive to pursue a target lends itself to security. They can locate targets more efficiently and cover more ground than a human-only team. Having access to this level of security ensures a speedy response to any kind of threat. When it comes to bolstering your security, a K9 unit may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, any and every business can benefit from having K9 security at their disposal.

And Cancom Security is here to ensure you and your employees feel safe at work. Our K9 security team has extensive training to help provide you with the extra support you need for your business, store, or factory. Contact us today to learn more about our K9 Security options.