3 ways to enhance executive cyber protection in Toronto

Executives are more than major players at the office. Their access to sensitive information makes them major targets for malicious actors. When they’re exposed to cyber threats, the entire company is compromised. This is why bolstering executive protection in Toronto is crucial. At Cancom Global Security, we’re the premier security provider in Ontario. Unlike competitors, we’re experts in all aspects of security.

Here’s how to enhance executive cyber protection in Toronto:

1. Review their Internet footprint

Reviewing their Internet footprint is crucial to executive protection in Toronto. It’s the only way to appraise everything an attacker could exploit. Evaluating their Internet presence is a great way to determine if too much information is available and if it’s too easily accessible.

Sites to comb through include:

  • Business networking (LinkedIn)
  • Social networking (Facebook)
  • Shopping sites (Craigslist, eBay, Amazon)
  • Blogging and microblogging (Medium, Twitter)
  • Photo and video sharing (Instagram, YouTube)

This helps you take proactive measures to prepare for and defend against potential attacks. Just as importantly, it helps executives comprehend, accept, and internalize their risk. It’s often hard for executives to accept things are out of their control. This reinforces that point.

At Cancom, we close all security gaps and help executives understand their vulnerability.

2. Train them to be vigilant

Phishing attacks and ransomware are common apparatuses used by hackers to steal data. Accustomed to a rapid pace of work, executives are often too willing to click on what could potentially be a fruitful message or offer.

Train executives to detect red flags and understand that caution is critical to executive protection in Toronto. These are habits you may have to engrain. Things to reinforce include:

  • Assuming messages from unknown contacts are hazardous
  • Being vigilant of generic phrasing and poorly written communications
  • Being aware that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is
  • Understanding emails and websites can be easily fabricated

However, in some situations, it’s difficult to be sure. When these complicated, murky conundrums arise, teach executives to contact a sender directly to verify their identity. Just remind them to never provide confidential information on the phone.

3. Business trips

Unfortunately, threats aren’t left at the office. Providing comprehensive executive protection in Toronto requires thinking beyond the office and beyond your borders.

Executives are particularly vulnerable on business trips. Establish check-in/check-out procedures and security guidelines for all devices and media taken on trips. This includes carefully examining these resources upon returning.

Going to high-risk regions is unavoidable if there’s business to be done. Expect that their devices will be copied at these borders. To counter this threat, provide executives with ‘burner’ laptops.

Ensure the only things on these devices are what they’ll need off-line, such as presentations. Data they access remotely should only be available through secure channels or stored on a hardware-encrypted USB drive.

Before re-use or reconnection to your company network, treat each device like it was compromised and wipe it. Lastly, ensure they never use public Wi-Fi. This is practically inviting malicious actors to help themselves to your data.

With Cancom, our experience, training, and professionalism exceed the industry standard. We’re a mobile, impregnable line of defense for all executives in transit.

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