4 security & law enforcement service tips on Halloween safety

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the holidays this year will look very different from how we celebrated in the past. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun — we all just have to take extra precautions in doing so.

Here are four tips on how to stay safe this Halloween, straight from the experts on security and law enforcement services at Cancom Security.

1. Continue following local government guidelines on social distancing and hygiene

Wearing face masks, maintaining safe distances from others, and regular hand washing or sanitizing remains the best ways to avoid the virus, so these precautions are ones you’ll want to continue taking.

Keep in mind that a costume mask is not a safe alternative to face masks. Consider swapping out a costume mask for a themed face mask instead. Also avoid wearing a costume mask over your face mask as this can cause breathing problems.

2. Look for safer trick-or-treating events in your neighborhood

If your neighbourhood will host Halloween events for the little ones, you may want to opt for outdoor ones instead of indoor ones. If you do, continue to follow public health precautions like social distancing and staying away from crowds.

3. Make sure that your children’s costumes are safe to wear outside

If you and your children plan to stay out until dark this Halloween, you’ll want to take extra precautions to ensure that drivers can easily see you while you’re out walking on the streets.

Consider wearing light-coloured costumes to make it easier for others to see you when it’s dark out. Mark portions of your children’s costumes with reflective tape, or give them flashlights with brand-new batteries.

Before you leave the house, make sure that your children’s shoes fit them well and that their shoelaces are tied tightly. Also check the hemlines of their costumes — they shouldn’t drag on the floor, as this can cause them to trip.

4. Set some ground rules for your independent trick-or-treaters

If your older children prefer to trick-or-treat without you, set some safety guidelines with them beforehand so you know that they’ll stay safe.

Plan out your route beforehand, so that you know that they’re only going to safe neighbourhoods and you can easily find them if you need to. Set a reasonable curfew, and make sure they stick to it — you may even want to send them a text an hour before they need to be home, so they can plan accordingly and arrive on time.

If they have a smartphone, require them to leave their location on at all times so you can keep track of where they are.

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