How Cancom Security can help you further your career in security in Ottawa, Canada

It’s normal to start your career somewhere to get some experience in the field then have a desire to move on to something bigger. With Cancom Security, you can do this very thing as we encourage our guards to work to further their careers as they progress in their skills and knowledge. Learn more about how you can advance in the field of security in Ottawa, Canada with various services offered by Cancom Security.

Parking enforcement

Making sure that a parking lot or street parking is managed is an important job. For some reason, some drivers will try to park anywhere they please. This is not only a major inconvenience, it can be outright illegal. We offer private parking enforcement to companies that need assistance with keeping their parking lots and street parking clear of those who are not parking legally.

VIP close protection

Certain people in our community have an elevated status because of their high-profile position, employment, worth, or affiliations. At Cancom Security, we offer services that are designed to keep them safe. Our team of professionals is trained to be the best in the business at providing VIP close protection or executive protection to those who require it.

Mobile security and neighborhood surveillance

We’re proud to maintain a large fleet of mobile security guards who can provide the necessary surveillance and protection of a neighborhood or even the parking lot of a shopping center. Our mobile security guards drive electric and environmentally-friendly vehicles that provide shoppers and residents with peace of mind that there’s always someone keeping an eye on the areas where they live, work, and shop.

Loss prevention

Loss prevention is a big job and it takes highly trained professionals to ensure that the job is done correctly. When working in loss prevention, you’re not only keeping company assets safe for a client, you’re protecting everyone in the store. Your job will be to make sure that customers and employees alike are protected if there’s a major threat in an individual store or shopping mall.

Traffic control

Whether it’s after a sporting event or a big concert, there’s going to be a significant amount of traffic in the immediate area. With the help of a trained traffic control professional, you can help drivers get home safely. One of the many services Cancom Security offers to clients is traffic control. This also includes directing traffic during heavy construction or as a security escort for a prestigious person.

Body cameras

As a method of protecting both you and those around you, we have all our operatives wear body cameras. This is to protect you in the event that a citizen gets unruly and accuses you of inappropriate actions. It’s also a source of evidence that can be shared with the necessary authorities in the case of an incident.

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