How to find the best security guard companies in Toronto to protect your business this holiday season

Your customers are what give your business life every day. That being said, the holiday season can be a frantic time of year where people are rushing to get gifts for loved ones. Amid the hustle and bustle are those who look to take advantage of shoppers looking to find the perfect gift for loved ones or even a busy store like yours. You can protect your business and your customers by hiring security guards with Cancom Security as one of the best security guard companies in Toronto. If you’ve never hired a security company before, we’ve put together a list of seven things to look for when looking for a security guard company.

Reputable provider

First and foremost, the best security guard companies in Toronto come with a strong reputation. You can easily learn the reputation of a company by looking at reviews left by previous clients on Google and other review sites. You can also ask other businesses in your area about security guard companies they have used in the past or ask the security company itself for references. Recommendations based on personal experiences are a great way to learn about what a company has to offer.

Financially strong

You can tell a lot about a company by its financial status. As you know, the best companies continue to bring in money. So, it would make sense that the best security guard companies are doing the same. Look into the financial state of a potential security company. Has there been a history of negligence lawsuits? If a security company is regularly in legal trouble and paying out legal settlements, those are definite red flags.

Uniformed guards

Your security should be able to fit the situation needed. Whether you’re looking to specifically hire a uniformed security guard, VIP close protection, or loss prevention, these occasions don’t call for the same uniform. Security guard companies should offer staff different uniforms to fit the unique needs of a client. Because there’s no “one size fits all” solution to security, keep looking if your security guard company offers just one look.

Trained and certified staff

The best security guard companies in Toronto provide the best training and certification for their guards. While researching a security company, you can ask about the hiring and training processes to better understand the types of guards that will be working with your business. Verify that training is in accordance with Toronto law and that all necessary licenses and certifications have been satisfied.

Innovative technology

While some technology is carried on the person of each guard, there are alternative solutions to security. The latest in security technology like body cameras can be used to ensure the safety of guards, your customers, and your property. Additionally, surveillance technology can be used to ensure that your business has additional eyes in places that are difficult to monitor or even provide a visual while you’re not present.


Does the security guard company you’re considering have experience with businesses like yours? Do they have any experience at all? Check the history of a security company to get an idea of the type of work they’ve done previous to you. Additionally, a company that has a range of specialties will have a variety of experiences to draw from to help put a security plan in place that is unique to the needs of your business.

Customer-oriented mindset

Last but not least, the best security guard companies offer a customer-orient mindset. When a security company has your needs in mind, the guards will act professionally in any interactions with your customers and employees, who should feel comfortable coming to your security guards at any time. A security company that doesn’t have your best interests in mind could ultimately reflect poorly on you and your business as well as making employees and customers feel unsafe.

Hire Cancom Security today

Cancom Security is among the best security guard companies in Toronto because we take great care in ensuring that our guards are fully trained, certified, and honest. Contact our team today to protect your business during the holiday season.