Parking Enforcement Services Make A Difference

For many property owners, parking is little more than an afterthought. They believe that as long as they have enough available spaces to accommodate their tenants, employees and guests, that’s all they need to worry about. However, the truth is that taking an active approach to parking is crucial for ensuring the safety of the public as well as maintaining efficiency. This is why paying close attention to parking enforcement should be near the top of the priority list for property owners and managers.

Although it is possible for managers and owners to keep these aspects of their operations in-house, choosing a third-party parking enforcement services company can relieve some of the burden. Whether you choose to handle it yourself or outsource to a trusted provider, here are some of the key elements of parking enforcement and why it matters.

Why Parking Enforcement Is Important

Parking on private property needs to be safe and convenient for those who use it. That means there must be more to your strategy than putting up signs to mark reserved spaces or painting arrows to direct the flow of traffic. Without parking enforcement officers on patrol and the right technology, lots and garages can become clogged with vehicles belonging to unauthorized people. This can lead to inefficiency, dissatisfied tenants and even the risk of crimes such as vandalism and theft.

On-Site Personnel Keep Things on Track

Having dedicated security professionals to keep a watchful eye on your parking areas is vital for keeping them safe. Whether they patrol on foot or in a vehicle, they can watch out for suspicious vehicles, direct traffic during rush hour and respond to any concerns.

Technology Boosts Efficiency

Notifying the owners of unauthorized vehicles and tracking incident reports with hand-written reports can be highly inefficient. Not only is leafing through paper records time-consuming, but generating them also can be tedious and introduces the risk of human error. Utilizing smartphone apps or Internet-connected tablets to keep track of incidents, on the other hand, makes this process much smoother.

Streamlining the Enforcement Process

Having personnel driving around your property for parking enforcement takes time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. This is another area in which the right technology can make a tremendous difference. For example, cameras equipped with automatic license plate recognition can cut down on the amount of time spent checking drivers’ plates. Even in large lots or garages, what took hours can now take minutes.

Collecting and Managing Data

A centralized repository for all the information collected by parking enforcement officers can be a critical component of these services. This enables you to see where any problem areas are, as well as spot any trends that can be used to inform your decision-making process.

Far from an afterthought, parking management should be one of your highest priorities for ensuring the success of your property. If you don’t have the ability to implement these ideas on your own, choosing a capable third-party services provider may be the answer. Either way, this can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your building.