Is Executive Security Protection in Toronto Worth the Cost?

Whether they’re engaging with the public, traveling between locations, or in their home or hotel, most VIPs, celebrities, CEOs, and public officials in Toronto need executive security protection. This is especially true in 2020, as the world is more uncertain than ever. Choosing the right security service and protection for high-profile individuals and groups can mean the difference between their safety and an avoidable breach of safety, injury, or worse.

But while the risks to these individuals are more acute than others, you may be wondering whether the costs and operations associated with protecting them are worth the investment—and the risk’s potential. When searching for the right security firm to meet your needs, determine whether or not the company can help you identify those in your organization who may be at the highest risk. This can help you decide whether the cost of protecting one or more individuals is aligned with your financials.

Before you decide, find out how the invaluable cost of safety factors into your decision.

Is Executive Protection the Right Call?

High-profile or high-net-worth individuals must take more precautions than most other private citizens due to their status; while it may afford them a more luxurious lifestyle than most, it does come with the need to protect that lifestyle.

This applies to a range of individuals, whether part of a sports team, a performer, a politician, or a well-known businessperson. Whatever their title, they require greater degrees of protection. This means both up close, physical protection, as well as a host of safety measures taken to ensure that threats never get too close to the individual.

Executive protection affords high-profile persons the chance to live a more discrete lifestyle than their status may otherwise afford without this type of protection. These security measures can help individuals avoid unwanted media attention, stalkers, fanatics, or potentially harmful persons from compromising their safety or wellbeing. This is especially true for public officials or celebrities whose daily agendas are made public or have fallen into the hands of someone who should not have access.

But this type of protection extends beyond just the individual’s personal safety. Their family members’, business partners’, employees’, or constituents’ safety may be jeopardized without adequate protection. Similarly, some CEOs’ or public officials’ compromised security may result in severe economic, social, and political shocks, creating issues that extend well beyond just the safety of the individual.

Private protection can prevent these potential catastrophes by providing robust security at the individual’s home or office, which often includes video surveillance to ensure no threats breach the premises. Should a threat compromise these locations’ safety, security services can neutralize them before they harm the individual, or provide emergency medical response in the event they are needed.

Put Your Safety in Cancom’s Hands

When you turn to Cancom Security, you can rest assured that our executive protection services will provide your high-profile individual with the security they need whether at home or on the move. We provide each client with the highest level of protection and apply the most appropriate security services for their needs. Contact us today for your free quote, and find out how invaluable security can be.