Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Security Company

Looking to hire someone to protect your private property, perform background checks, or any other essential security service? If so, we here at Cancom Security want to recommend a few questions you should ask before making a commitment to any one company. 

These questions about a company's personnel, services, and experience will help you make an informed decision about which security company will suit you and your needs best.

How Do You Train Your Personnel?

The last thing you want is to hire a security company that employs inexperienced and untrained personnel. A professional security company should have relatively strict application requirements, the absolute minimum of which being that their personnel is all over 18 years old, has a clear criminal record, and is eligible to work in Canada. 

Some security companies, including Cancom Security, actually offer a training academy for people interested in getting their guard's license. Here, both guards and operatives are trained as by-law enforcement and municipal law enforcement, in accordance with provincial and municipal standards. 

When asking about personnel training, you should also ask if good moral character is a priority in hiring/training and if the company practices the principles of employment equity. If they answer no to either question, they're probably not a security company worth your time or money.

What Services Do You Offer to Keep My Property Secure?

When it comes to protecting your residence, business, or even a specific item, you should opt for a security company that goes beyond basic foot patrols. This includes around-the-clock security, loss prevention, GPS tracking, security system installation, security training, and anything else required to keep your property secure.

What Clientele Do You Have Experience With?

You should avoid hiring a security company that doesn't have relevant experience with the people or places you need security for. If you're looking for executive protection for a politician or a celebrity, for example, you may want to avoid companies with little to no experience working with politicians or celebrities. 

You don't want to be trusting the security of your property, or worse, someone's safety, in the hands of a company that may not know what they're doing. Asking a company directly about what sort of clientele they work with will help you determine which has the experience necessary to help you.

Can Your Services Be Customized?

No venue, event, business, or residence is the same. That's why the services a security company offers should be varied and customizable for each new job. 

For example, they may claim to offer executive protection services, but do they offer VIP close protection for individuals that are more at risk? How about security guard services to monitor venues or mobile security services to protect VIPs at multiple locations? Always ask for details about their services to ensure you can customize them to meet your needs. 

Have Any Other Questions?

Cancom Security is a proudly Toronto-based, First Nations patrol & security company. Our highly trained personnel offers a wide variety of customizable security services, all with the utmost professionalism. Our diverse clientele relies on our team for everything from protecting their private residence to providing security for their events or VIP guests. No matter your needs, we're certain we have the expertise to help.

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