How to keep attendees safe with security at summer festivals

Festivals are in the business of fun, but as an event organizer, it's up to you to take care of the details so your event becomes successful. In addition to things like entertainment, food, and ambience, this means that you're in charge of finding adequate security at your festival too.

This is especially important for larger events, as they pose a greater risk if you're unprepared. But what exactly does this entail?

Here, we'll go over some things to keep in mind in your search for a security company.

Why is security at festivals important?

An adequately staffed and trained festival security force can bring a number of benefits to you and the staff running the event. These advantages include:

  • Maintaining the boundary of the event to prevent festival crashers from getting in
  • Conducting attendee body and bag searches before entry as needed
  • Keeping the flow of traffic moving within the event
  • Allowing for safe entry and exit from the event
  • Preventing outsiders from reaching areas in the festival that are off-limits

Keeping summer festival-goers safe by hiring a security company

In addition to providing the people needed to keep your event safe and secure, a seasoned security company will also be able to make a risk assessment of your festival and to plan for the various risks involved.

The best security companies will provide you with a detailed report on the security risks you may encounter before and during the event, as well as strategies to reduce the severity of the greatest risks.

Of course, this also requires in-depth knowledge about every aspect of your event, so you'll want to make sure to provide as much information as possible to your security team beforehand. Ideally you won't need to actually deal with any of these risks, but it's always best to prepare for every situation possible when you can.

On top of hiring security personnel for your event, you'll also want to consider what type of fencing you'll need to use to prevent outsiders from getting into the festival, as well as what you'll need to prevent attendees from crowding or rushing the stage.

You'll find that you'll typically need to find a separate vendor for your fencing needs, which will typically include anti-climb fencing and crowd barriers. Consider how high you'll need your perimeter fencing to be — especially if you're expecting large crowds or an in-demand event — as well as how many attendees will be there.

Look for the following features in your fencing:

  • Quick setup and breakdown
  • Construction with strong and durable materials, such as galvanised steel
  • Robust design to withstand a variety of weather conditions
  • Pedestrian and vehicle gates

Finally, you'll want to make sure your festival is stocked with the necessities needed to ensure the welfare of your attendees. This includes, but isn't limited to, portable toilets, food and drink booths, lockers, and water stations. After all, happy attendees are peaceful attendees.

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