Signs you might need mobile security

A home or business is broken into every 90 seconds in Canada. Most of these crimes are those of opportunity, perpetrated by amateur burglars looking for entry through basement or ground floor windows. These burglars count on being concealed and will pick whatever neighborhood and job look the easiest. Mobile security services in Ottawa can deter these criminals. Break-ins are expensive, but nothing is more valuable than your safety and peace of mind. 

Mobile Security Services 

There are two choices to keeping your business or residential properties safe – you can hire a stationary security guard or hire mobile security. What’s the difference? A stationary guard can only cover what is in his stationary line of sight. This can be easily scoped out by would-be criminals who will just operate outside that field of vision. 

A mobile company visits a property as often as the client would like and can make rounds 24/7. This establishes and maintains a secure presence without giving criminals a defined “safe” operating zone for their activities. At Cancom Security, we carry out whatever tasks our clients have designated, which can include:

  • Driving observation patrol
  • Random drive-through schedules
  • Physical check of buildings

Carrying out these services is a huge crime deterrent, giving residents peace of mind and criminals knowledge that their activity won’t go unnoticed or reported.  

Signs You Need Mobile Security Services in Ottawa

There is no inappropriate time to hire mobile security, but there are definite situations in which you should be more inclined to err on the side of caution. Here are our top signs you need mobile security services in the Ottawa area.

There’s Been an Uptick in Local Crime

Maybe a few houses in your neighborhood have been targeted, or even houses in nearby tracts. This is a clear indication that criminals believe your area to be an easy target, upping your chances of a break-in or vandalism. The presence of mobile security can immediately reduce that likelihood.

There’s a Big Event

If your community is having an annual event that packs your streets with extra cars, this provides extra cover for criminals. These people also assume, probably rightly so, that you’ll be out of your house during the event. Beefed up mobile security allows guards to keep a keen eye out for suspicious activity and be a constant deterrent to those scoping your place. 

It’s the Holidays

During the holidays, our homes are more likely to be filled with visible and easily accessible valuables under the tree. People will have brought valuable jewelry out to wear to special occasions, and they’re more likely to be gone on weekend evenings. The holidays also make criminals more desperate and bolder, fueled by greed. 

Another concerning factor? Children are home from school, and teenagers may be left alone or with younger children while parents are at work or social functions. A mobile security company can make as many rounds as you’d like during peak times such as holidays. Having this added peace of mind will allow you to relax and really enjoy the season.

Summer Break

As all the kids are out of school, you may notice more groups of bored kids with nothing to do walking around your neighborhood. This doesn’t mean they’re up to no good, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t either. Just a little reminder can keep good kids on the straight and narrow and kids with bad intentions out of your neighborhood. 

Hire the Best

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