What Cancom Global Security’s K9 detection services detect

K9s have been used in security for years. Their heightened senses and instincts make them the ideal creatures for the job. And, in many ways, they’re more than man’s best friend; they’re also man’s guardian angel.

But it can be hard to fully conceptualize just how much of a security asset they can be. There are no tools more capable of preventing disaster and maintaining a safe, secure environment. And, if you’re interested in K9 detection services in Toronto or Ottawa, you’ve come to the right place.

At Cancom Global Security, we pride ourselves on the utmost professionalism, and all our K9s are trained according to provincial and municipal standards by law enforcement. Simply put: with our K9s, your safety and security will never be a question again.

What can our K9s detect?

We proudly offer the premier K9 detection services in Toronto and Ottawa. But, if you’re unsure what that means and what exactly our K9s are capable of detecting, you’ll be amazed at what they’re able to do. K9s can detect:

  • Explosives
  • Illegal drugs
  • Currency
  • Contraband electronics (e.g. illicit computers)
  • And so much more.

K9s are essential to securing events and avoiding tragedy. However, it’s important to understand how they do this as well. Because it will provide great insight into the nuances and scope of their remarkable detection ability.

How can K9s detect such a wide variety of things?

K9s are trained to detect almost anything using treats and toys. So, when they’re detecting drugs or explosives, they’re motivated by the incentive of a treat. And, most importantly, their hunting instincts enable their unremitting pursuit.

K9s are taught two different kinds of alerting. And, as you’ll see, these depend on what they detect. The different kinds of alerting are aggressive alerting and passive alerting. Aggressive alerting is when they dig their paw at the spot they smell drugs. And passive alerting is used when they detect explosives, for example, because it could be dangerous to scratch the surface.

When it comes to K9 detection, how is an integral part of what. It demonstrates just how specialized and nuanced their capabilities are. And, if you’re looking for K9 detection services in the Toronto or Ottawa area, you can’t go wrong with Cancom Global Security’s expert trained K9s. They’ll sniff out trouble like a bone buried in the backyard.

Beyond security

It’s important to know the scope of our K9 detection services in Toronto outstrip security needs. Because their senses make them perfectly suited to enhance other aspects of life that you probably wouldn’t have even thought of. And they can even save you money.

Our K9s can detect pepper weevil bugs. These bugs devastate harvests, causing farmers to lose millions of dollars. They travel on vehicles from South America, the United States, and now Canada. But our K9s detect these bugs before they’re able to wreak havoc.

Also, our K9 detection services in Toronto offer bed bug protection. An infestation of bed bugs can force you to throw out furniture and result in unending torment. But, luckily, our K9s are specially and expertly trained to sniff out these pests.

Trust us when we say this: you’ll be happy they did.

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Security is a vital resource, and it should be treated as such. And that’s exactly where our K9 detection services in Toronto come in. With Cancom Global Security’s K9s, you’ll never lose sleep over your security again. You can rest easy knowing we’re keeping you safe.

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