Why security and law enforcement services are necessary at festivals

Although festivals are usually fun events, they're not free from trouble. Because of this, it's sometimes necessary to use security and law enforcement services. At Cancom Security, we provide security and law enforcement services throughout Toronto. If you're organizing a festival and you want to make sure everything goes down without a hitch, it's necessary to hire a security team. We're here to explain some of the latest and ongoing trends in festival security. 

Big events can attract trouble

Whether you're hosting an intimate affair or a large festival, the event is bound to be fun. At the same time, there's also a risk that matters can get out of hand. When people are drinking and enjoying themselves, they start to lose their inhibitions. In some cases, individuals start taking illicit substances that cause them to act out of control. As the number of young adults using cocaine is on the rise, there may be a need for extra vigilance at your event. 

At Cancom Security, we can provide a security presence for your event. In addition to watching over the people who are in attendance, we can search them before they make their way onto your premises. Our skilled security personnel can identify potentially problematic situations before they grow out of control and address them accordingly.

Managing a car park

When your festival has a car park that revelers can use, making sure it's used correctly isn't always easy. You may find that people either don't pay the right amount or they don't pay at all. Some may use your car park when they're not attending the event, which then reduces the number of spaces that are free for your ticket holders. Some may also choose to sleep in their vehicles, which poses a health and safety issue.

At Cancom Security, our parking enforcement officers will help you make sure your car park is used correctly. They'll issue fines to those who don't pay, and they'll move people on when they shouldn't be using it or when they're using it incorrectly. Having an enforcement officer present is also an effective way to reduce crime in your car park. As a result, your customers will feel more confident using it.

You're hosting a VIP

Although VIPs are usually admired by those who are fans of their work, they're also vulnerable to people who may want to cause them harm. If you're hosting a VIP at your festival, they may expect that you provide them with protection. Or, if you are a VIP, you may find that you need protection when you're in a public space. In recent years, VIPs have spent time interacting with fans as well as performing on-stage. In order to do this safely, they need security.

Our close security bodyguards can provide you with the protection you need. In addition to acting as a domineering presence that deters attackers, they can identify potential threats. If someone does intrude on your personal space, they'll be able to remove them and help you feel at ease again. Each member of our close protection team is professional and highly personable, so you'll always feel reassured when they're around.

You're hosting pop-ups

Although stalls have long been popular at festivals, elaborate pop-up stores are becoming more popular. Such stores often feature goods that are valuable. Although most people are willing to pay, some may choose to steal. In the absence of CCTV, you'll need a security presence.

At Cancom Security, our security team is adept at deterring potential shoplifters. It's often the case that their presence alone is enough to prevent people from stealing. However, we understand that some people will continue to try and steal goods they haven't paid for. To offset this, our security team can apprehend those who shoplift and detain them until a member of the security services arrives.

At Cancom Security, we offer security services to people throughout Toronto. If you're organizing a festival and you want to make sure the event goes to plan, contact us to discuss our services.