3 reasons to conduct private investigations in Toronto

Depending on your circumstances, you may have no choice but to rely on private investigations services in Toronto. However, it’s important to consider these services not as last resorts, but as the best solutions available to spare you, your company, and your mind unnecessary duress.

And, at Cancom Security, we’ve been providing security solutions to the greater Ontario area, particularly Ottawa and Toronto, for years! We’ve distinguished ourselves with unparalleled authority and professionalism, and our collective experience makes us bonafide experts in all things security. Including private investigations.

We provide each client the highest level of security services tailored to their specific needs and environment. Here are 3 reasons to hire a private investigator!

1. Background checks

Before you or your company enters an arrangement with another business, partner, or even a prospective employee, it’s important to do your due diligence, especially if they’re going to have access to sensitive information and cash. It’s nothing short of negligence not to.

Our investigators can locate and sift through reams of records and paperwork with an eye for the most crucial details to reveal red flags that you should be aware of. Because, more than just collecting information, private investigation is about connecting dots and critical thought.

This is a good way of avoiding hidden surprises and can be applied to both international and national applicants to verify they aren’t misrepresenting themselves. For personal situations, you can also hire a private investigator for things like:

  • Child support
  • Pre marital checks
  • Catching a catfish
  • Child custody

All of these and more are ample reasons to consider paying for private investigations in Toronto. And, with Cancom Security, you know you’re getting the best.

2. Hidden assets

This applies to both married couples and business partners, so this is another instance of private investigations in Toronto being effective solutions for both professional and private aspects of your life.

Firstly, if you suspect your business partners are withholding vital information, especially when dealing with litigation and other types of court proceedings, an investigator can work closely with your legal counsel and company to uncover facts and maintain your best interests.

And, for both businesses and couples, if you suspect your partner is keeping secrets and not being totally transparent or truthful, this is a great way to identify and unearth hidden assets, bank accounts, and other concerning behavior that could potentially compromise your livelihood, business, and overall relationship.

3. Personal injury lawsuits

If someone is claiming worker’s compensation for an injury incurred on the job and you suspect they’re not being honest about their incident, taking advantage of private investigations in Toronto is an absolutely essential recourse.

The reason is these claims can be expensive for your company, and they can be devastating to your company’s reputation and overall productivity. And this can have serious long-lasting ramifications if left unaddressed.

While accidents do occur, it’s important to also be aware of the fact that employees do try to cheat the system by filing fabricated claims. This is nothing short of exploitation on their part. If you think someone is trying to take advantage of you and your corporate policy, a private investigator is one of the few ways to locate key witnesses and information to curb such claims.

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If you feel like you have no other option than seeking out private investigations services in Toronto, don’t worry. Digging up the truth is our specialty, and you’re in good hands. So contact us now for a quote to get started! No truth is impenetrable when you’ve got a team as experienced as ours. And that’s a promise.