K9 Security

Thanks to their astonishingly accurate sense of smell, dogs can be trained as guardians, rescuers and crime deterrents. Their highly sensitive noses could detect something as covert as hidden explosives and as tiny as destructive insects. With professional instruction, dogs can accomplish tasks in a variety of settings – such as individual residences or crowded sports arenas – that humans are simply not capable of doing.

Canine Security

Cancom Security is experienced with training dogs for K9 security and other vital asset-protection duties. We customize K9 security services for our domestic and international clients. Moreover, Cancom Security’s sniffer dog services are tested, certified and insured.

Detection Dog Services

  • Drug Detection Dogs: Drug smugglers are smart, so you need to be smarter. A highly trained drug detection dog can locate the site of hidden narcotics — even after those illegal substances are removed.
  • Explosive Dogs/Landmine Detection Dogs: Sweeping your venue prior to a crowded event can deter terrorists. Our bomb-sniffing dogs are trained to safely react to various explosives.
  • Cadaver Dogs: Nothing is more heartbreaking than family members searching for loved ones lost in disasters. Our cadaver dogs expedite the search for those missing and presumed deceased.
  • Pepper Weevil Detecting Dogs: Farming is expensive. Don’t let invasive weevils destroy your pepper crop. Our weevil detection dogs can identify these tiny insects before they invade the inventory in your greenhouse and destroy your gardening business.
  • Bed Bug Detection Dogs: Bedbugs are tiny, determined blood-sucking insects that are tough to spot but impossible to ignore. They can stow away in luggage and come home with you from a hotel. Our dogs can find bed bugs and the bed bug eggs that might be hiding in mattresses, baseboards and under the carpeting of a home, motel or business.

Protection Dog Services

  • Personal Protection: Dogs are a combination of companion and guardian. Their heightened senses of scent, sight and hearing make them invaluable at detecting intruders that humans might not see or hear.
  • Patrol Guard Accompaniment: Enhance your human guard services with accompanying patrol dogs. Their presence can dissuade opportunistic thieves and trespassers. Our specially trained dogs can catch and take down a perpetrator on command within seconds.
  • Crowd Control: A trained Cancom Security crowd control dog can almost appear differently, depending on the motives of who is looking at it. For example, to law-abiding citizens, our dogs show themselves as a calming presence, obediently resting at their handler’s side. However, to a criminal, our dogs appear as fierce deterrents, waiting for their handler’s commands.

Venue Protection

Protecting your guests at public events is not optional. It’s expected. Cancom Security dogs protect your visitors and business by being a visible presence of safety.

Our security and detection canines have worked in the following sectors:

  • Dorms and schools to protect students
  • Offices to detect illegal substances
  • Warehouses and shipping facilities to discover invasive insects and smuggled narcotics
  • Airports/ports to uncover contraband, including endangered plants and wildlife
  • Major sporting events in stadiums and other large venues to dissuade terrorism
  • Shopping malls and other soft targets to provide security
  • Cooperation with local authorities in cases of emergency or natural disaster

Why Choose Cancom Security for Your Protection Dog Services?

As a First Nations company, it is our mission to be the best corporate citizen possible. We conduct thorough evaluations of our customers’ situations and customize each residential and commercial solution to your unique needs. We provide third-party certification of all our dogs’ training with each dog’s training records.

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