In situations when a fast response is needed, having mobile patrol security on the job can make a tremendous difference. Cancom Security is your go-to resource for mobile security guards who can perform several critical jobs protecting people, property and proprietary information at your locations. We provide mobile security services featuring highly trained and professional personnel throughout Canada.


Having mobile patrol security services at the ready can prove useful in several situations. Our customers count on us to deliver capabilities such as:

Alarm Response
If an alarm is tripped on your property, our mobile security officers can be there quickly to assess the situation and provide a response.

Disturbance Calls
Our capable personnel can arrive on the scene to de-escalate a tense situation as quickly as possible.

Escorting Suspects to Court
With our help, suspects can be transported safely and without risk of further incidents.

Monitoring Parks, Public Areas and Public Buildings
The presence of marked vehicles can be an excellent deterrent to crime and unwelcome delinquents.

Parking Enforcement
We can enforce any restrictions and help keep your parking facilities orderly and safe for all who use them.

Prevention Patrolling
The visibility of our mobile patrol services has a unsettling effect on criminals who would prefer to go unnoticed.

Random Visits
Keep criminals and other undesirables on their toes with randomized patrols throughout the day.


We offer protection for numerous environments, each with unique requirements. These include:

Keep the streets around your multi-family residential properties safe with our expertise.

Construction Sites
We can check in on your valuable materials and equipment, as well as deter vandalism.

Educational Facilities
Campuses large and small can benefit from having patrol cars watching over them.

Government Facilities
Ensure public safety on government property with marked or unmarked cars.

Health Care Facilities
Our personnel are ready to protect those in need at hospitals and clinics.

Industrial Complexes
Factories and processing plants cover a lot of ground, and so can we.

Malls and Other Retail Venues
From halting parking infractions to preventing shoplifting, our patrols can do a lot for retailers.

Office Towers
Ensure a safe and productive workday, as well as prevent crimes after-hours.

Oil, Gas and Mining Sites
These locations are often remote and sprawling, necessitating security that can respond quickly.

Check every point of your community’s infrastructure in a matter of moments.


We deliver fast response times for our clients, as well as highly qualified personnel. When you choose us, you also can expect:

All our guards receive extensive training in responding to and de-escalating incidents.

We perform our duties with the highest standards of integrity and courtesy.

In everything we do, we strive to be honest, professional and transparent at all times.

First Nations
We are proud to be a First Nations-owned company serving throughout Canada.

If you want to learn more about our services, get in touch with us today or reach out to request a quote.