Parking Enforcement Services

They may not receive as much attention as loss prevention, crowd control and other issues, but parking enforcement services are just as important to the safety of private property. Traffic issues that result from vehicles being improperly parked or parking without authorization can lead to bigger problems. This is why many organizations, venues and facilities in Toronto trust Cancom Security to provide private parking enforcement. We are licensed by the Toronto Police Service Parking Enforcement Unit, enabling our highly trained personnel to perform virtually any type of service to keep your lot or garage orderly and safe.

Why Do You Need Enforcement Solutions?

Private parking enforcement solutions bring numerous specific benefits to your property. These include, but are not limited to:

Improved Traffic Flow

With our parking patrol on-site, you can ensure the safe and efficient circulation of vehicles through your lot or garage. This helps prevent drivers from parking in a manner that creates congestion.

Greater Accessibility

Keeping spaces designated for those with mobility issues open until they are needed is critical for creating an accessible building. Our parking compliance officers will keep an eye out for anyone who may try to use these spaces improperly.

Proper Usage of Spaces

Certain spots in your lot may be reserved for short-term visitors, VIPs or emergency personnel. Having someone watching over them can ensure that they are utilized only by those who are meant to use them.

24/7 Service

We know that watching over your property is a full-time job. That’s why we offer round-the-clock protection and enforcement to keep problems away from your site no matter what time of day or night.

Where Our Capabilities Deliver Results

Corporate Facilities

Our trained personnel make sure unauthorized people are not taking up spaces that should be used by your employees. We also can keep track of every vehicle that enters or leaves your property throughout the day.

Educational Facilities

Protecting young learners is of the utmost importance for schools. That’s why enforcing strict parking regulations around the building should be one of their first lines of defense.

Government Facilities

More than just handing out parking tickets, our officers can ensure the safe and efficient flow of cars around a facility. This is crucial for high-traffic properties such as the DMV.

Health Care Facilities

Keeping emergency lanes clear for ambulances is critical when lives are on the line. This is why you should have someone enforcing restrictions in your lot.

Malls and Other Retail Venues

Creating a friendly, inviting environment for shoppers begins with making sure they have a convenient place to park. Our professionals also can be on the lookout for signs of break-ins or vandalism.

Office Towers

With our help, building owners and managers can keep their properties running smoothly in every aspect. We can keep unwanted vehicles out of your lot.

Why Turn to Cancom Security?

We are your complete go-to resource for these and many other security capabilities. When you choose to work with us, you will be working with an agency fully licensed by the Toronto Police Service Parking Enforcement Unit. You also can expect to receive:


Every one of our employees is fully trained and qualified to handle virtually any type of situation.


We’re always committed to delivering integrity and courtesy along with our services.


You can be sure that we’ll always work with honesty and transparency.

First Nations Heritage

We are proud to be a First Nations-owned company that serves all of Canada.

If you’re ready to learn more about our capabilities, get in touch with us today or request a quote.

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