Integrated Security Solutions

Integrated security solutions from Cancom Security can provide protection for people, property and proprietary information in a wide range of environments. Businesses, organizations and homeowners alike count on us to leverage our working partnership with some of Canada’s leading technology companies to provide integrated security systems to help keep them safe across the country.

Our Expertise

No matter what type of property you’re trying to protect, it often takes more than one security solution to provide peace of mind — and all your security systems need to work together seamlessly to prevent gaps in your protection. That’s why it makes sense to turn to us for security integration. Our expertise includes:

Access Control Systems

Whether you use keycards, biometrics or passcodes, integrated access security solutions help prevent unauthorized people from accessing your property or any highly sensitive areas.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Having alarms installed ensures property owners and security personnel are alerted as soon as someone attempts to break into a building.

Surveillance System/CCTV

Monitored remotely or on-site, cameras can keep a watchful eye on everything and everyone inside your facility.

Systems Architecture

Tying multiple solutions together requires skill and expertise, and we have both. We can ensure there are no blind spots in your protection.

<h2>Where We Offer Our Services

Examples of our clients include:


Peace of mind is crucial for multi-family properties to prevent high turnover.

Construction Sites

Thieves and vandals are less likely to target a site that has integrated safety measures in place.

Educational Facilities

Keeping students safe during school hours is of the utmost importance.

Health Care Facilities

Our capabilities guard patients, physicians, health care professionals and their sensitive information.

Homes and Neighborhoods

A comprehensive security solution can help keep property values up and crime rates down.

Industrial Complexes

We provide a full array of services to guard factories and plants.

Malls and Other Retail Venues

Stop shoplifters and other thieves in their tracks.

Office Towers

With so many people filing in and out each day, these facilities require complete access control.

Oil, Gas and Mining Sites

Guard valuable resources and equipment with our help.


We protect vital infrastructure with our security capabilities.

Everything We Bring to Your Property

No two situations are the same, which is why we complete a thorough analysis of your needs before we create a solution. Our experts will evaluate your requirements and develop a suite of programs to provide the most effective and cost-efficient service possible.

At Cancom Security, we work with integrity, honesty and transparency in everything that we do. We’re also proud to be a First Nations-owned firm serving throughout Canada. To learn more about our capabilities, get in touch with us today or contact us for a quote.